Sunday, October 20, 2013

Spreading the Joyful News                                                                  July 15th 2013

Well it's been another great week in New York City!! I'm not sure where to begin!!

We did a lot of contacting and inviting to the cultural activity and visiting with less actives. It's so amazing to see the blessings of the gospel begin to unfold as people come back to church. We have LOTS of less active in this ward. Some who simply don't have easy transportation (hardly anyone drive here) some who don't know where the church is (like our awesome friend, Juah!) and other who choose not to keep the covenants they have made. Sadly, the majority of our less actives is the last example. But we will not give up on them!!

So we weren't able to visit with Jessica this week. Everyone has crazy schedules here, no time for fun or spiritual feasting!) but she did come to the cultural activity on saturday which was awesome! And she said she gave away all of the wine she had in her apt. !!! It was funny because when we talked to her about it before she said she said she doesn't drink. But the Lord softened her heart and she gave them away. Just like that. SO AMAZING!!  She is such a friendly, kind lady. The gospel will be a great addition to her life.
Erina also returned back from Mexico on Saturday. She didn't some to church but she said she read some of the Book of Mormon on her trip and wants to meet with us on Sunday! We are so excited!!!
We had the cultural activity this week and it was AWESOME!! Everyone brought food from their different cultures and then we had presentations from a few places, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Dominican Republic, Ireland, Japan, Australia, USA, Honduras, Mexico....So fun and so yummy haha I loved it!!
So yesterday was Emile's baptism!!! He's such a great kid. After he was baptized he put both arms up in the air and said "YES" haha so cute! I don't have much time so I will end by giving you a few scriptures to read, I have studying a lot on patience and joy and just the joy of the gospel that we have. D&C 64:33, Proverbs 15:15, Luke 22:32, D&C 84: 100
I love you!! Thanks for your love and support!!!
Love,  Sister Meyer

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