Monday, October 21, 2013

Good Afternoon from Bermuda!!
Mckenzie Meyer 23
to me, Kim, Connor, Leilani, Sydney, Allyson, Tasha
Good Afternoon! I feel like I am on a whole different mission now haha Bermuda is INCREDIBLE! Every morning I look out over the ocean and see the beautiful sunrise and then I get to enjoy the warm weather, cool ocean breeze, and the friendly people! I can't even begin to explain it. Pretty much it's paradise haha

Missionary work is different here mainly because there are LOTS of churches and most everyone knows the Mormon church because it's right next to Crystal Caves. BUT! The branch is small, smiley, and super! They are all very nice and they LOVE the missionaries! We get to help out in Primary for an hour and the kids are so cute!! I love it! Primary is just the best place to be :) 

As far as missionary work goes we are working with a couple who have been meeting with missionaries for almost 8 years but have just recently began to take the discussions. They are super nice and give us Ginger Beer every time haha don't panic! It's pretty good haha We are hoping to keep visiting with them and help them realize that they don't have to be perfect to be baptized. We also visit with a recent convert who is AMAZING! Jahmella is so strong and even though she has lots of temptations and people trying to tear her down she wants to do what is right. I will for sure be telling you more about her while I am here :) 

So a few funny stories... we tried passion fruit a few days ago and it was delicious! This week we bought a duck and we are going to try to cook it ha! it's 3 weeks old so it was on sale! And to be honest, I will buy anything when it is on sale because prices here are SO high!! It's nuts! We also walk around with the Ukelele and sing to people. One night we were waiting for a bus, playing the Ukelele and we met a drunk guy who told us he was a celebrity so then Sis McKee started telling him that he should come to church and bring wild chickens (they have chickens and lizards and frogs everywhere) to sacrifice haha we have fun :) 

But I have to go so I hope you are all doing well and read Alma 29 this week! Missionary work can be soo full of joy! I love it!

Love, Sister Meyer :) 

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