Monday, October 21, 2013

August 5,2013
First off, thank you for all of your prayers in behalf of Jessica, Becky McLay, and our sweet Sri Lankan friends!  Things didn't work out the way we planned this week but it was evidence that we need to continue to trust in the Lord and be patient :)

We decided we wanted to sacrifice something this week so we didn't listen to music the whole week. It's funny how something so beautiful and uplifting can also become a distraction. We had to travel a lot with doctor appointments and Bermuda paperwork and stuff so instead of listening to music we would read from the Ensign or sing songs together and it turned out to be a wonderful time!  I love the words from modern day prophets and members from around the world. I encourage all of you to make the Ensign a bigger priority. It's an EXCELLENT source of comfort, guidance, and happiness:)

We weren't able to meet with Jessica but she came to church yesterday even though she came home late the night before. She is such a star and I just love the way she puts God first. She is progressing slowly but surely:)
On Wednesday we felt like we needed to meet with Becky McLay so with LOTS of prayers in our hearts we went to her house. She was just coming inside with her cute kids and said she was frustrated with some school stuff. The public schools here are nuts. No one is allowed to go inside the kids classrooms or even pass the security guard and the kids can't run or play with balls on the playground which is all asphalt. I feel so sorry for them! Anyway, we were talking to her about that and then we answered questions that she had with the plan of salvation. She knows it's going to come to the point where she needs to make a decision of whether or not she wants to truly be a part of this church. I don't have time to give you all the details of the lesson but it really was a great time and I know all of the prayers that have been said for her will be answered according to the Lord's will.
We did get to meet with our Sri Lankan friends! What a blessing! Their father found a job but it was making him work too much so he quit and is now looking for another one. It's so sad because they just work all the time and I know if they would come to church they would be SO much happier!! But they are praying which is beautiful so we will keep working with them! 
We also had a delicious dinner provided to us by a family we helped in the hurricane. Alice and Elaine are friends (not really sure how close of friends...) and Alice's daughter Eve and Eve's daughter Kaylynn are so sweet and made us dinner on Saturday. We prayed that we would be able to talk about the gospel in some way and of course the Lord provided a way. Eve is pregnant and is planning on getting married after the baby so she asked where we get married which led us to temples! Then we started talking about Angel Moroni and that led to the Book of Mormon and they asked if they could have one! Just like that! It's really not hard hahah Kaylynn is 8 and is such a sweet princess. She asked if she could have a book of mormon too because she likes to read at night under her blanket. SO cute!!! I am really looking forward to what the Lord has in store for them.

I think I have expressed my love for the Staten Island ward in almost every letter but I just can't say enough about how awesome they are!!! One of the sisters took us to breakfast because it was raining and we couldn't do service for her like we had planned. So she takes us to breakfast instead! I love it! We talked about her mission to Italy and all of the trials she has been through and the blessings of being a member of the gospel. Survivor of breast cancer, her entire basement is flooded and damaged by the hurricane, and her 16 year old son just found out he has cancer. She is so amazing. Also, yesterday in sacrament meeting SO  many people shared their testimonies of the missionaries and of missionary work in general. It is so cool to see the joy of sharing the gospel grow in their hearts. I love these people and I am SO excited that I get to serve them for another 6 weeks.  We have transfer meeting tomorrow and Sister Jorgensen is leaving :( It's going to be so weird. I love her and will miss her dearly. Sister Casperson and i will be getting a new companion so that should be a blessing! 
I think that is it for the week! I will try to send pictures too if possible! I love you!!!
GOOD LUCK MADDIE AND MITCHELL!!!!!! You are in my prayers!
Love always,
Sister Meyer 

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