Monday, October 21, 2013

BERMUDA STORMS!!!                     Sept. 30th 2013

What a stormy, rainy, windy week in paradise! It is the season of storms and man it's awesome! This morning we woke up with lightning that literally covers the whole sky. And we had a few days last week that just poured on us! It makes missionary work a little difficult because the buses don't run when it gets too stormy and walking in the rain is fun but not very productive haha But we had a great week! We had a relief society activity on Saturday and guess what we did?? ZUMBA!!! SO FUN! The girl who taught it was a ball of energy and the 5 members that came were so fun to watch haha I just love this branch. They are small but so special. Tuesdays we help at a donation center (just like the DI) and we get to sort through tons of clothes. We can take anything that we want so I am going to have a lot of fun and cute Bermudian clothes haha I love it! We were able to meet with a recent convert and her two daughters and one of them, Daeshonae, told her mom she wants to be baptized! So we are going to see her every week and hopefully help her be baptized! Leon and Shawn, the couple I told you about last week that gives us ginger beer (it's not against the word of wisdom haha don't worry;)) finally came to church!! The elders had a really powerful lesson with them last week and I am looking forward to meeting with them this week to keep them progressing. 
I am really enjoying how friendly people are here and how easy it is to start a conversation. Even if the people I meet don't come to church or make any progress, I know that Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are watching over and will guide these people to the truth when they are ready. I have been studying and thinking a lot about my relationship with Heavenly Father. If you think about it, the way any relationship is formed is through communication, time, and service. When we communicate with our Heavenly Father through sincere prayer and study we are able to learn from him. When we spend time with Him in the temple or in the scriptures or even just in our homes we are able to feel Him near. And when we serve Him through obedience and loving others we are able to become more like Him. I am so grateful for all that He has given me. I know we all have been blessed with the gospel and now it is our turn to bless the lives of others! So do it!!! :)
I love you all!! Have a great week and ENJOY CONFERENCE!!! I am SUPER stoked to watch it in the humble church with the wonderful members :) I will be thinking and praying for you to receive answers to your prayers. Love you :) 
Love, Sister Meyer
ps the duck turned out quite tasty! haha 

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