Sunday, October 20, 2013

Humble and Happy!!!                                                                             July 22nd 2013

So missionary life is just an adventure. you never know what to expect!! This week was definitly one of those weeks. A lot of our appointments fell through, my dear companion who is going home in two weeks was sick for two days, and I was called into the mission presidents office!! So une. xpected but so amazing! I have been asked to serve the beautiful people of Bermuda beginning in September. It's literally a dream come true!! I just can't wait!!!! So I have had to do a lot of paperwork, fingerprinting, notarizing, Manhatten and Queens trip and other fun stuff which took away some missionary time but of course, the Lord provides away.
We were able to meet with jessica again this week and she is opening up more and more about her life. Trns out she was a fashion designer for a company in Africa Cool!! She is a star and will surly be baptized although we wer still not quite sure when. She has a lot going on at work so we aren't able to meet with her as often as we would like but that's okay! It will all work out!
So with the craziness of preparing for Bermuda and my companion being sick we weren't able to teach a lot this week. But nevertheless, we prayed with faith and at church yesterday we had several less actives attend and another beautiful baptismal service for the sweet Pen boys Tsubon and Myumgo. Jessica attended the service and said that will be one day! Ah I'm so happy. She is so compassionate and was talking with a few less active members yea! What a blessing! W were also blessed this week because we were able to meet with a family from Sri Lankai. They were found by th Elders but the father asked us if we would teach his daughters! Of course we accepted. I won't try to spell their names haha but they are 20 and 23 and are AWESOME!! They are both working at Dunkin Donuts to try to pay the rent until their parents can find work. They have only been here for a month and have next to nothing but are so giving and huble and happy. They are Buddhist but want to learn more about God because they are in need of something to help them. I am excited to meeith with them more. The Lord is so involved with missionary work because well, it;s his work!!It's a wonderful thing to be apart of. I love it!!
Well I think that my be all for this week. Sorry, it's pretty short! Oh ye, we did exchanges this week and I got to work with Sister Blosill. She is a singer and actually released an album the day before she entered the MTC. Look her up! She's incredible. Jan Blosil is her name. Have a wonderful week and don't forget....Miracles happen!! I am a witness of it! Stay humble and Happy!!
I love you all!!!!
Love, Sister Meyer

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