Monday, October 21, 2013

September 4th 2013

I have to apologize in advance... this letter is going to be short because we weren't able to write on labor day and we only have an hour to write today BUT the work is still going tremendously well and I am SO happy to be here!!! At church on sunday I teared up so many times thinking I would be leaving the wonderful people here in Staten Island. I just love it!  Anyway.... this past week was so full of amazing blessings and fun adventures!! So a less active (who is also the leader of a motorcycle gang...she's pretty cool ha) had a niece that passed away and we decided to go with a member of our ward to support her. The funeral was in Hicksville which is in Long Island!  I was shocked to see how much Long Island is like Utah! very country feel. Anyway, it was a very sad event but I am so grateful to be a representative of the Lord in helping people understand that death is not the end!!!! We also had a GREAT lesson with Pat and her confusing but amazing family! We have been praying to be able to meet with Victoria's mom and somehow find out how they are all related and to talk with just Pat to make sure she understands what this gospel can do for her and her family.. Well, when we showed up to the lesson Victoria and Sade said they were running to the store so for about 5 minutes we were able to talk with Pat, then Lisa came out and started talking with us and it turns out Lisa is Pat's caretaker, Victoria's mom, and Sade's mother-in-law! hahaha So confusing but SO amazing to see the lord answer our prayers and allow us to teach and invite all of these wonderful sisters to come closer to Christ in their own specific need. They are great and I can't wait to talk to them again! We were about to leave and Sade said "hey where's my book of mormon? I want one!" um... okay! haha and they said Damien has been reading out of the children's version (which is SO much easier to remember :)) and he can actually understand the words better than other books! Well that's because it's the word of God. haha but seriously, I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. As I read it daily I feel the illuminating light that Alma talks about in ch 5.  I know the joy of the Atonement can be ours as we humbly ask for the Lords help and obey His commandments. We were blessed to go to the temple yesterday and oh what joy I felt sitting in the most peaceful and quite place in New York. It's incredible how much knowledge we can receive when we attend. I know Heavenly Father's plan is perfect. I know we can only be saved through Jesus Christ. I know that Christ lives. I am SO thankful for the blessings of temples and covenants that we can make there. Speaking of covenants.... Sami Rosa Jr was baptized on sunday and Jessica and Jane attended!!! Jane enjoyed it and is planning on coming to church next week! Jessica said "I feel like baptism is coming soon for me" and then said "wait! who's going to baptize me!" Sister Howard told her to look around and choose any man in the room haha she pointed towards the ward mission leader and then asked him if he would baptize her!!!! She is planning to be baptized on September 22!!!! It is going to be AMAZING!! (even though I won't be here...) I am so excited for her. Well I have to go but I love you all and want you to know that I pray for you and think of you often!! You are the reason I am serving. Thank you and may God be with you :)

Love, Sister Meyer 

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