Monday, October 21, 2013

One more week in Staten Island                    Sept. 9th

to me, Kim, Tasha, Allyson, Connor, Leilani, Sydney
Holy crow I can't believe it. One more week in Staten Island?? I just doesn't seem real. And yet, it's so wonderful I am a little nervous to leave!!! The work is moving forward so much it's incredible!!! I won't have much to say since I just emailed a few days ago but I will update you a little.... 
We were able to meet with Jane, the one whose daughter is a missionary, and she is so ready and in need of the gospel. We just need to teach her haha she goes into the city a few times a week for treatments regarding her health so it's been a little difficult but she keeps saying "God is answering my prayers and I know He wants me to meet with you for a reason" Yep, He does haha So we will hopefully meet with her again this week once she has recovered.
Do you remember Puna?! She was the first person I ever met in this ward and the first lesson I ever taught as a missionary! When I met her she was less active, going to St. Johns, and a recent convert of about 3 years. She went home for the summer but now she is back at school, waiting for her mission call to come anytime!!!! HOW COOL IS THAT?! She is so cool! I am so excited for her. Maybe she and Michelle will meet at the MTC haha that would be awesome.
Okay so the best part about this entire week was Jessica!!!! Last week I told you she is planning on being baptized. Well that wasn't a for sure thing haha until!... Friday night she called us just to talk and said she is ready and sure she wants to be baptized on the 22nd!!! SHe has already started inviting people and knows what she wants her program to look like haha on sunday we met with her and when someone came in the room to offer her a ride home she said "sorry but this is a very important meeting about my big day, i will just take the bus" and then we went over the baptismal interview questions and she bore the most beautiful testimony about Joseph Smith, the changes she has made in her life like not scheduling work appointments on sundays anymore and putting her mistakes in the past and man I could just go on forever with how ready she is for baptism. It's going to be a wonderful day. 
Well I hate to go but I must. So just remember "life is to be enjoyed, not just endured" and "press forward with a steadfastness in Christ." THe Atonement is for everyONE and everyTHING. I know it!! I love it!! I love you all!!!!!!
Love, Sister Meyer 

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