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Jul 1
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Another great week in Staten Island!! Weeks are flying by faster and faster. It's crazy!! 
From the beginning... last Tuesday we decided to look up a few potential investigators and they lived in the same area. So we parked the car and started walking! Fun time walking in the humidity! haha we started talking to a Jehovahs witness who was actually very nice and after about 20 minutes of us discussing scriptures and beliefs, it started pouring! We laughed our way back to the car as we became completely soaked and then of course once we get in the car, it stops haha crazy weather but I really do love it.
Another amazing experience was on Wednesday! The bishop gave us a list of three people who he has never heard of but their records are here (it happens a lot) so we looked up one of them and it turns out her husband has been working with us through the hurricane relief organization that we do service for every week!  the Lord is definitely leading us to people who have been prepared. He respects mormons a lot and loves what we do as missionaries. We just have to find a time when they are both home (she's a flight attendant) so that we can start teaching them!
 We met with Jessica again this week. One of the first things she said was, "so if I"m going to be a member of your church, what rules or things do I need to follow?" Holy cow. She is just so prepared and ready for this gospel. She isn't quite sure about the whole no coffee thing but we are going to talk more about it this week. Erina is going to Mexico for the next two weeks so we are just praying like crazy that she will keep reading the Book of Mormon while she's there.  I know it's all in the Lord's hands. We just have to do our part and share what we know is true. Which brings me to my new love....

One of my favorite parts about New York is that the summer nights are full of fireflies!!! They are the coolest bugs ever and last week I even caught one!! Silly? Yes. But I am a missionary so of course I will apply fireflies to the gospel :) haha What's cool about fireflies is that you can't see them very well until they light up and a lot of the time they gather in a certain area or yard.  As you walk down the streets you will just see these little lights start flashing all over and seriously, I feel like I'm in disneyland walking through a fairy forest hahaha sorry. okay so how can we be more like fireflies? well first we need to recognize the kind of light we have to shine. We have the light of Christ! And it's so much brighter than we can imagine.  2nd we should not be afraid to shine our light no matter how dark the world may be.  The fireflies only come out at night. We too should shine our light even when others around us aren't shining theirs. Is this making sense? I hope so.  Another thing we can learn from fireflies is to surround ourselves with other fireflies because that way our light will shine brighter together!  I just love fireflies. I love that the Lord has created animals and nature and other things to help us apply the gospel and find light in this crazy world. Are their things that bring darkness and unhappiness and sadness? of course! but there are also so many opportunities for us to see the Light and share the light and that's were true happiness and joy are found.  Look for the simple things around you that bring light. I know they are all around you. I challenge you to also find the people the Lord has prepared in your path and then help them stay on or get on the path that leads us back home to our Heavenly Father. I promise you the Lord will be with you as you do so because I know he is with me and every missionary and every member who bears witness of His name. I love you!!! Have a happy 4th of july! 

Love, Sister Meyer

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