Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mckenzie Meyer
Oct 21 (6 days ago)
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Alright let's do this! Some amazing things happened this week!! I probably say that every week haha but I'm serious. So first, last monday night we had family night with the cutest couple and their five year old twins! The dad is not a member but is an awesome dad so we had a little game night for family night with them outside by the campfire! I love campfires in Bermuda!!!! He came to the primary program on Sunday so that's a big start!! We also had 3 other investigators at church on sunday!! The most I've ever had on my mission!!! And they are pretty solid. Let me explain... Jason and Kiwana Brown and their 4 adorable children live a pretty awesome life. They love each other and they love their family. Kiwana works for ArtMel's, the fish shop that the Smith family in our branch owns. She was talking with Sister Smith about families and was very intrigued with idea that her family could be united eternally.  So we met with her family last week a long with her neighbor OMarla who is 22 and has a cute 5 year old with one on the way like any day. They had SO many questions about temples and it was just awesome to really feel the Spirit guide the lesson and to see it touch their hearts. I am SO excited that I get to see this family grow closer together. It's a true blessing to know our family WILL be forever. Also, we visited with Jahmella, the recent convert, and she told us of a few experiences she has had the past few weeks that are just incredible!!! I can't even explain them. She literally has nothing and is learning to just have faith that the Lord will provide. Her faith is growing tremendously that it just makes me pumped!!! I love it! Also this week we met with the cutest little old lady from Italy! She is 93 and volunteers at the hospital and at the Barn (the DI place) every week. She doesn't stop working haha She is lovely:) I know she will join the church in the spirit world:) Oh my goodness I almost forgot!!! So to be more involved with the branch members we decided to go and support 3 of the primary girls at their futbol games last week!! Man I have missed soccer! haha even though they were 10 year olds I just loved watching it ha It was cool too because as we were watching we were talking with a lady sitting by us and she turned out to be a less active who hasn't come to church for years!!! the Lord is putting people in our paths in miraculous ways. Alright I may have reached my limit. To close I will bear my testimony of the reality of the Savior's life. I know He lived and lives still. I know He is the way to eternal life. His life is the life we should strive to follow. He is compassionate, charitable, merciful, and forgiving. He is real. I hope and pray you can feel His love surround you. I love you!!!! 

Love, Sister Meyer 

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