Monday, October 21, 2013

Crazy Staten Island (for the last time :(..)
Mckenzie Meyer
Sep 16
to me, Kim, Connor, Leilani, Sydney, Allyson, Tasha
I can honestly say I have thought about this past week for 2 months and now that it has come and gone I don't know what to do haha it was SO full of love and laughter and goodbyes that I'm not sure what to write!!!

We had a great last district meeting on Tuesday! So sad to leave the great missionaries here. Then we went to visit Pat and Sade and their awesome family. Damien opened the door and said his grandma was sick and Sade was gone but that he would talk to us if we wanted! Of course!! I would much rather talk with an 8 year old haha He is such a stud. He told us all about cowboys and indians, football, how he took a kid out, his muscles, pretty much anything haha and then we somehow tied it all into Nephi buliding a ship and Sade came home! Unfortunately she was really worked up and stressed about things so she told us to come back. We weren't able to meet with them again because everytime we came back she was just leaving the house or working. She just got a job and will be working saturdays and sundays...BUT we are not losing hope in them! We are going to try to visit them tonight. 
Wednesday we got a call from our mission president asking SIster Casperson to train another visa waiter!!! COOL! So Thursday we drove to Queens and talked with a bunch of missionaries while she had a meeting with all of the trainers! Then on Friday night we got another phone call from president saying her trainee was reassigned so she wouldn't be training anymore....that pretty much shows how crazy our week was ha so many unexpected twists and turns and yet we were always led to someone we could talk to about the gospel. It was great! 
Friday we had the wonderful Plan of Salvation fireside at the Spanish ward. It was incredible to hear the beautiful Spanish language and especially to feel the strong spirit of music. I LOVE MUSIC!! It can touch so many hearts. I understood very little but I felt so much. 
Saturday we had a lesson with a family that the elders are teaching! They asked if we would be willing to help teach the kids because they cause a lot of distraction when they try to teach the parents ha so we did! It was NUTS!!! The kids are cute, and we were able to teach them "head shoulders knees and toes" and showed pictures of Christ and did everything we could to keep them from jumping over us, on us, and all around us haha we were exhausted but that's nothing new :)
Also on saturday...a member feed us for every meal haha bishops breakfast/correlation, lunch with a sweet Filipino who is the #1 Visiting Teacher of all time, and dinner with 2 members and one less active. What a treat. So many great members here that I will miss. Yesterday was a sad day saying goodbye. I don't know what else to say about it haha I didn't like it very much. But I am SUPER excited for Bermuda!
Also... our dear friend Jessica didn't come to church yesterday :( First time in 3 months that she has missed church. And she is suppose to be baptized next week!!! AH! There is a lot going on with her baptism because another investigator of the Elders is planning on being baptized and she doesn't really want to share her day so she said she would wait until October. NO! I feel bad leaving at such a crazy time. All I know is that everything will work out. It always does!!! The Lord is perfect and His plan for us if perfect, even though we are far far far from perfect. He will lead us every step by His light. And how do we receive His light? Well if we study about Him, study His words (including the wonderful Ensign and New Era!!), and ask for His help, He promises to be with us, comfort us, strengthen and guide us. I know He lives. He loves me and He loves YOU all so much!!! Don't ever forget it :)
I love you and pray for you daily. I know God will be with you and I know it because He is with me :) Even though we may be in Bermuda, Staten Island, or Utah :)


Sister Meyer :)

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