Monday, October 21, 2013

PGA TOUR!!!!!!!!                                              Sept. 14th 2013

Well hello there everyone!!! What a lovely day it is here in paradise:)  I don't want to make you envious but it's about 80+ degrees and the sun is still shining bright. :) It definitely does not feel like October haha 
So! This week was great! I decided to make this email a little different just for fun! Hope you don't mind:) 3 things I learned this week are to.... Pray always, Give thanks, and Attitude is everything! 
1. Pray always... That's what the scriptures say right?? Well why do you think they say that? Because if we want to escape temptation, if we want to follow the Spirit, if we want help in our trials, we need to pray!! I have been trying to have a prayer in my heart continually and it's been amazing how happy it makes me. I just love being able to communicate with my Father in Heaven 24/7. I know with all my heart God hears and answers prayers. We just have to be patient sometimes:)
2. Give thanks!  Every night Sister McKee and I say one thing we are grateful for and it's been awesome to just change my heart into a heart of gratitude. Being grateful for what we have and especially for the wonderful gospel helps us be more humble. I want to challenge you to think of the blessings you have been given and to thank Heavenly Father for them. Because I promise you, you have been given so much more than you think. It is sad to see how much people sacrifice and live without here. There are some fancy rich people here but the majority of the people live in humble circumstances. One or two bedrooms at the most. No TV's, XBOXs, computers, etc. And many people give the church, especially the missionaries, so much. Branch members will literally come up to us at church and say "I have food for you in the fridge" and then we go and there are bags of rolls and bread and bananas and fish and wow I am just so thankful. 
3. Attitude is everything!! Okay so remember my friend from last week? Trina?? Ya so she wanted to meet with us again and as we talked with her about her anxiety and how the Atonement will help her it just made me realize how important our attitude is. If we don't have the right attitude, we will be missing out on the purpose of what we are doing. And having a positive attitude will help our faith increase that God's plan for us is worth every struggle and trial. So just be happy!! Is that too much to ask for?! :) Be happy and faithful and positive and life will start looking more like the bermuda sunset :) aka beautiful:):)

Okay so I will just close with an awesome story about a really cool lady we met last week!! Her name is Tisha and she is working for a home health company. We started talking to her at a bus stop by our house and she asked tons of questions about what we do. She says we are nuns for 18 months haha not funny. we are way better ;) but anyway! She really liked us and told us to call her on saturday to remind her about church so Sister McKee and I made up a song for her and she loved it haha she said if it wasn't for our phone call she wouldn't have come. BUT she came!!! with her husband!!! COOL HUH?!? They actually knew a few members which was awesome and they said they are going to come back next week which will be perfect because it's the primary program! And she wants to see us during the week. I am so excited to spend some time with her. She is a blast. She really wants me to move here after my mission because she said I can make anywhere from 50-150 dollars an hour as a nurse haha so tempting... so tempting... but I am just going to stick that in the back of my mind and worry about it later because right now I have work to do for the Lord:) We are so busy and so tired and yet I am so happy it doesn't really make sense. But I think I may have wrote too much so I will stop haha love you all! Don't forget to pray! Give thanks! and Have an AWESOME attitude!!! 
Much Love!! 
Love, Sister Meyer
P.S. the other reason today's title is P.G.A. happens to be because we went to the PGA Grand Slam of Golf this morning at the most beautiful golf course in the world! haha like I said, members are so giving:) 
and Don't worry Mitch, I took pictures of Adam Scott for you:):) Love you!!!!!! 

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