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happy rain day:)
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HELLOOOO!! How you?? How's the snow???? I am sorry to say but it doesn't snow here... it just rains. A LOT haha but I love it! No complainin here:) 
so here is my update about life as an islander! 
-Omarla had her baby and we visited her on Tuesday. He is a tiny, five pound cutie! We are planning on going to visit her again this week and hopefully help her progress in the gospel now that her precious baby is here:) 
-Kiwana's kids are SOOOO cute and fun!! Last week we sang One Direction and Justin Bieber together hahaha and I loved it. Then we read scriptures with them and Kiwana wants to read the Book of Mormon with her family. That was her own idea!! (p.s. if an investigator of the church wants to read scriptures with her family then I'm pretty sure a strong, active LDS family can have scripture study too:) just sayin:)) But she is also having some struggles which made her not come to church yesterday which was sad but I know everything will work out! Sister McKee lovingly told them "don't let a man come between you and God" and I really know that is true. no matter who may offend  us or hurt us, we shouldn't let them dictate our relationship with our Heavenly Father. 
-Wednesday I lost my wallet on the bus.. but I didn't realize it until I was transferring buses and started talking with an awesome lady. I just decided that I wouldn't worry about it and instead focus on her and trust that everything would work out. Well of course there is a happy ending!! The next day we went to the bus stop and there was my wallet! I think it's safe to say that would never happen in New York haha Just another reason Bermudians are great:)
-Thursday was Halloween!!! Like I said before, not a lot of people celebrate it here but the ones that do, celebrate it a little too much.... lots of crazy drinkers here.. they say they work and live to drink. yep, that's the life of an islander haha but anyway we went to the Butterfield's house and helped them clean up their palm tree leaves! Never in my life would I imagine picking up palm tree leaves haha it was Bermudiful:) they have a sister serving in Denver and she just left a month ago. So we talked a lot about the blessings of being a missionary and how the hard days always get better:) it was great!!
-Saturday we went out to visit Jahmella and her two boys, Keanu and Sonja were there!! Keanu is 7 and such a sweetheart. He told his little brother "just cause we can't see the bus doesn't mean it's not coming" children are so precious and pure. After a a great lesson with her we were literally running for the bus ha and someone yelled out "run sisters!" hahaha it made me laugh. Then as we waited for another bus there was a lady sitting down and I thought "i should go talk to her" but of course I try to decide if it was the spirit telling me that or just me. Well I did it. And guess what??? She has two sons living in..... phoenix, Arizona!!! COOL HUH!!!! It was such a tender mercy to me. I know God knows our lives better than we do. And it taught me that I can do hard things. We don't have to wait for the spirit to shine down and point us to people who need the gospel, we just need to do good, talk with the people that are put in our paths, and have faith in Him. He will help us. I love working here in Bermuda. I love being apart of the Lord's army. I love being who I am and changing into someone better. God's love is real. If we love Him back we will get even more in return, more than we deserve. So keep loving okay?:) I love you!!!! Happy Birthday Connor and Maddie!!!!! 
Love, Sister Meyer:)

p.s. the pictures are of Elder Tingey, my district leader, climbing a palm tree at the Butterfields on Halloween and the clocktower mall in Dockyards. So pretty!!! 

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