Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Man I love hearing from you all!! Thank you SO much for writing me!

So this week has been great! I'll be honest, it was a tough one. I miss you guys like crazy.  But I have been so blessed here and have really learned to rely on the Lord and His Atonement.  D&C 136:31,32.  We must be tried in order to help the Lord receive his glory.  And His work and His glory is to bring eternal life to all of his children. That is what I'm here to do.  Assist him in His work so he can have the glory He deserves.  

So yeah, the first part of last week I was really homesick but I knew that the only way that I could receive strength was to pray, trust in the Lord, allow his grace to strengthen me, and serve! We were able to teach a 12 year old boy, Brandon, who has severe mental disabilities, ADHD and more. He is awesome though. He asks a lot of questions and is a super smart kid.  He is planning on getting baptized May 5!  I'm so excited for him! His mom has been less active for quite some time so it's been awesome to see her strengthen her testimony as well.  We did a lot of service throughout the week and will continue to do more this week.  Last night we knocked on a few doors to see if there was any more help we could do and we met a Croatian! We were also offering to say a prayer on their homes and families and it's been amazing to truly be the Lord's servants in offering a prayer of peace, safety, and love.  It's incredible.  

The ward is AWESOME!!!!!  People from Sri Lanka, Phillipines, Africa, Germany, native New Yorkers, young families going to dental and medical school, and more.  They are so happy to have sisters here and we already have a pretty packed schedule for this next week which is super great.  Member missionary work is SO essential for missionaries.  It's amazing how much easier and better the work is when members are working with the missionaries giving referrals, teaching their friends, and just simply living the gospel. 

This week I have been studying a lot about humility and charity.  I've been praying more to receive the love of God for myself, my companion, and the people that surround me.  It's amazing how the Lord will answer your prayers when you truly ask in faith and are willing to be obedient to the promptings he gives you.  I love studying about Christ.  If our goal is to become like Him, (and it should be :)), we must know him. Know how he would act, what he would say and do, and how he would serve and love.  I've been so blessed to have that love growing inside of me.  My companion and I were listening to a John Bytheway talk and he said the only things you will take with you after this life is your knowledge, your character, and your relationships.  So I want everyone to think of one way you can increase your knowledge, improve your character, and strengthen your relationships. Especially your relationship with your loving Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and your family.  I love thinking about that.  I also love thinking about my eternal family.  The people here on Staten Island are very kind (I think there was only one person that wouldn't at least talk to us!) and to know that they are part of my eternal family helps me love and serve them even more.  
Sorry I won't be able to write you individually today!  We are heading over to play soccer in Brooklyn! FUN!! But I love you all and will continue to pray for you!!! 
Love, Sister Meyer 

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