Monday, April 22, 2013


So this week has been AMAZING! I have been so blessed and I hope you are all being blessed as well. 
So first... we moved.  We are still in Staten Island but instead of living in St. George we are in Great Kills. Sounds exciting huh? haha It's not nearly as modern as our old apartment but it's in a lot safer neighborhood and we have a washer so we are enjoying it haha We also had a fun "package" come on Thursday (that's what the Elders called it) we got a new car!!!  What?! Yeah, right off the lot.  It's so nice. I took a picture of it for you for proof haha

So Tuesday we had a training meeting with all of the new missionaries and their trainers which meant I got to see my family from the MTC! It was SOOO fun to see all of them and feel of the love and growth that is occuring all around the mission.  It was seriously like a family reunion haha President Calderwood gave some amazing counsel and it motivated Sister Jorgensen and I to have a wonderful week.  We were so busy this week with service for the hurricane people.  We painted a families basement and had a little too much fun painting eachother ha  We also worked with the Croation family, Mio and Tanya Cujack (sorry if I spelled it wrong Dad:))  They were so nice and made us all breakfast and lunch for helping them.  It's hard because they don't want us to teach the gospel as we serve but that family was just awesome that we are really hoping one day we can go back as actual missionaries.  Wouldn't that be so cool?!  Dad you definitely have to meet them. 

Another thing that was different about this week was that we did exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders.  I guess it's kinda a new thing but two sisters go around and do splits with all of the sister missionaries.  I had the opportunity to serve with Sister Neilsen whose parents were in my MTC Branch presidency!  We had a pretty good time and I learned a lot about different ways to teach and plan and stuff.  It also made me more grateful for my awesome companion.  Sister Neilsen said that Sister Jorgensen would be the most improved player if we had awards on a mission.  I have already learned a lot from her and I'm excited to keep building a strong friendship with her.  We had an amazing day Saturday.  After service and studying and then an amazing meal of Filipino food (love it!) we were both feeling like we needed to visit this family that we have tried to see several times.  As we got to the door step, both of us had a huge feeling come over us. It's really hard to explain what it was but we just knew this family was golden.  And they were.  Carrie Cox (the mom) is less active and her husband and kids are all nonmembers.  We spent almost thirty minutes just getting to know them and testifying that we wouldn't be on our missions if this church wasn't true.  It was an amazing experience.  They also told us about some wild turkeys that live here so on our way home we checked it out and sure enough there were turkeys roaming the streets of Staten Island haha It's so weird! They said they are like royalty, like if you hit one it's a huge fine and when they are crossing the road, you have to wait for them. I will try to get a picture because seriously, they are huge.

Well  I just want to say that I know this church is The Church of Jesus Christ, established for us in these Latter-Days.  It is amazing as I have been studying about Christ and His teachings, how much happiness can be found if we follow His gospel.  It's really the only thing that will bring us happiness now and for forever.  I love praying to my Heavenly Father everyday, all day.  I love when I can truly feel Him guiding me to say something or go somewhere.  The Book of Mormon is the keystone of our religion and if that is true, (and I know it is) then it should also be the keystone of our life.  Please read the Book of Mormon everyday.  I promise it will bring you closer to God who wants more than anything to bless you with His love because you are His child. 

Have a wonderful week!  I love you all and can't wait to talk to you on Mother's Day!  Can you believe I've already been out for a month?! Crazy.  Sister Jorgensen bought me some frozen yogurt to celebrate haha so fun. I love this gospel. I love this work.  I love my life because it's becoming a life full of love. 

Love always,
Sister Meyer

One more thing that I forgot!  Our new place is in the basement of an Italian, Bonello, who smokes and the vent of our bedroom is directly under his TV so we heard all about the Boston marathon, some explosion in Texas, and other exciting news that we really don't care to know haha but it makes life fun!!  Gotta love it!
So the following pictures are of me and Sister Neilsen, my district after we got done painting, my apartment while we are doing laundry ha, the random driving rules they have in New York- No Standing means no parking... go figure, and the new car!, oh and the cool street I found :)  Love you!

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