Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dear Family,
So the first day wasn't to bad. A little confused but we had a great meeting with the mission president. We also got put into a district. There are 2 companionship's of sisters and 3 elders who are going to New York and then 3 other elders are going to Tallahassee, Florida. They are a pretty fun group and so far I like it! My companion is sister Howard from Bountiful. She's really easy to talk to and we get along pretty good. The other girls in our room are fun too! Two of them are going to Wisconsin so it's fun to talk to them since we don't see them at all during the day. We pretty much sit in a classroom all day either studying or talking or eating in the cafeteria or going to workshops. It seemed long at first but this morning I read 2 Nephi 31:20 and that helped me stay positive and hopeful! I ran into 2 girls from Davis who have been here for 9 weeks and they said to just hang in til Sunday and it gets better so I'm really looking forward to Sunday! I did see Elder Brown at dinner and said hi but that's been it! Probably a good thing because I know I'm going to have to give my whole heart to the Lord and it's hard not to look at him when I see him! haha sorry. 
I'm really excited to keep busy doing the lord's work. I know it will be an amazing experience. Lots of studying but I've been able to fest upon the words all morning.
Love you all ! Sister Meyer

P.S. p day is on Thursday and I only get one while I'm here so I'll email you on Thursday! Write me!

Then we received another letter inside:
So I haven't sent this letter yes so I thought I would update you real quick. When I first wrote you we were studying for the 3rd time that day and my mind was on overload. But since then my district has been able to study a little bit more together and we are getting super close. We just met the brand president and they are really awesome including their wives. I was assigned to be the coordinating sister for my zone. I'm not sure all that that consists of but I'm excited! We talked about weaknesses today and how we have to turn to the Lord and act in order for them to made into strengths. I'm definitely going to learn that here. "Ships are safe in the harbor but that's not what ships were made for." I'm truly enjoying this so much. I can't wait to email you Thursday and tell you more!!!  Love, Sister Meyer 

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