Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Little Things:)

Mckenzie Meyer
12/30/13 (3 days ago)
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Well another year is almost over!! I can't believe it. It's been a crazy awesome year and I am super pumped for 2014!!! Hope you all had a great Christmas!! 
This past week was full of tender mercies. I am so thankful for modern technology!! We were able to skype into the Christmas Eve Devotional in New York with all of the missionaries!!!! I got to see some old companions and dear friends which was so cool! And we also received an improved mission vision for this next year!! It's still the same theme of becoming forever changed but it now includes some important stuff about the Lord hastening His work and our role in that as missionaries. Members are still the key to the work of salvation moving forward so make sure to include some sort of missionary goal for your new year resolutions! :) haha So after we watched the devotional we went Christmas caroling to a few members and neighbors and investigators! So many people said that they have never had carolers before! SAD! But then again... I am in Bermuda. haha sometimes I forget;) Christmas was awesome! We went to our Branch Presidents house for breakfast and did some fun traditions with him and his family. They do this thing where they hide one present and then in their stocking is a clue to help them find it! Cool huh! We are totally doing that next year!!! haha Then we picked up Liz! She's a less active that has been living in a treatment center for I think 7 months now to help her fight alcoholism. But she got to spend Christmas with us! We went to the Moss's and had a fun day with her and got spoiled from Sister Moss. Liz reminded me how grateful I am for the little things in life.. Like carbonation, tacos, banana splits, candy, or simply just being able to choose what you want to eat!!! She also reminded me of what a tender mercy it is to have the gospel in our lives. She reads 10 chapters a day in the scriptures because she has realized that by doing that she is gaining so much spiritual strength which will help her conquer her physical weaknesses. Let's just say I loved spending time with her!!! She is great.
The next day was Boxing Day! So pretty much all of Bermuda is closed! haha we had a fun dinner at the Mello-cann's and it was also Sister Moss's birthday!!!!!! Man I love her SO much! She is amazing and I can't wait for you to meet her!! She has gone through some very tough challenges lately and yet she still serves others and puts her trust in God. Another tender mercy that happened was that we were FINALLY able to meet with Kiwana and her family on Saturday!!! They are so cute and love to talk about the gospel. Little kids really are so special and and SO in tune with the spirit. No wonder we are all commanded to become little children. We can learn so much if we will just swallow our pride and remember who is really in charge:) Well I think that is everything! The Elders gave us a soccer ball for Christmas so we are going to check it out today and play with the Moss's grandkids who came to visit! FUN!!! I hope you all have a fantastic New Year's Eve and a GREAT start to the New Year!!!!! Keep the prayers coming:) haha love you all!!!!!
Love, Sister Meyer
This is the beach by our Branch Presidents house. It was too rainy to eat breakfast there but we still walked down to enjoy the ocean breeze! :) Happy New Year!!

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